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Welcome to Rock & Vibe Jewelry and Art. People talk about, and sometimes you see bumper stickers stating “God’s Country” referring to living here on Maui. I have lived in so many beautiful places in my life that I feel that “God’s Country” is anywhere we take the time to enjoy nature’s beauty and appreciate life.

Moving to Maui ten years ago was the beginning of a new adventure in life for my husband & me. We moved here with clothes, a VCR, golf clubs, and excitement for the future. Life takes us for a ride- and we hold on and rise to the challenges that come our way. Living in what most would call “Paradise” is amazing! Not many of us can say that we have been swimming with turtles, dolphins, humpback whales, manta rays, spotted eagle rays, and many types of tropical fish- but we have!

When we moved to Maui ten years ago, my husband worked for a used car dealership and I worked for an old Surf Shop. After a couple of years, my husband had back surgery for a herniated disc- which did not end up well. Another surgery left him disabled, and I needed to be the breadwinner for the first time in our marriage. I never expected to be a car salesperson- but it worked until the dealership sold. Then it was time to forge ahead and have faith in our talents that we had never had the time to fully develop.

Coming up with a name for the company was fun! We knew we wanted to offer one-of-a-kind, natural and unique stone jewelry. Natural stones are geological rocks that get shaped and polished beautifully. I appreciate the universal God given metaphysical vibrations each rock, metal, glass, etc. carries with it. So we decide to call the business ROCK & VIBE. Soon after beginning the beaded jewelry portion of the business, I wanted to add the ART portion, and then my husband wanted to add his mark on the business by adding sterling silver and mixed metal jewelry (not wax castings- each are original torch work and hand crafted when he is able to work).

Art has always been a passion for me. From the time I was little, drawing, coloring, painting was something I loved. I enjoyed art classes of all kinds in high school, then watercolor classes as an adult, charcoal drawing, and finally murals for people in their homes, which lead to faux finishing and finally using an unusual plaster for my three dimensional relief paintings.

Relief Paintings: Each piece starts with a ¼” plywood board cut in many different sizes. Then the ground marble and acrylic resin plaster is applied to the face and sides of each board, sanded, and the design is carefully applied piece by piece using hand cut stencils (using laminate and a razor blade) or purchased stencils. When the composition is complete- they are lightly sanded so as not to lose the relief- several coatings of acrylic glaze are applied to the background until the desired effect is achieved- then hand painted with acrylic paints in the foreground- and finally applying polyurethane to protect the piece from the sun. These paintings resemble heavy ceramic art pieces, but instead are very light. Each piece has a hanger on the back for ease of hanging on your wall.

Anything purchased from Rock & Vibe Jewelry & Art is an original, handcrafted piece of art made here on Maui. Because of the process we each use to make our art-pieces we couldn’t duplicate anything if we wanted to! Nothing makes us happier than to receive the feedback from a happy customer! Both of us are willing to work with customers to be able to offer commission pieces in our higher end market.

There are endless combinations of natural stone beads we could put together for simpler, more economical bracelet, necklace, and earring designs.

For that unique, one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry or art, feel free to give us a call anytime! Please be aware of the time difference between Hawaii and You! – usually we are five to six hours earlier than the east coast.

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About Bob

Hi, my name is Bob Young and I Love making one-of-a-kind mixed metal jewelry. The work you buy from me includes lapidary work on the stones, torch work on the silver and mixed metals, all the designs are free formed from my creative mind.

Most of my life, I have worked with my hands. I grew up in Parma, Ohio- where my father was a tool and dye man for an awning company. He was always fixing something around the house and was willing to share his knowledge with me. I grew up working with my hands. Throughout my schooling I have learned woodworking skills, auto body repair and painting, arts and craft of all kinds, welding, and machine shop work. People that know me consider me a “Mr. Fix It.”

After graduating high school (my mom and dad were so relieved), I moved to Phoenix, Arizona where I worked as a painter and body repair technician. Over the years, I have restored many antique and collectible cars and even furniture. Custom painting and mural work were always my favorite.

After living in Phoenix for a couple of years, I met my wife Paula. We married quickly (two months after meeting) and remain a couple after 34 years. With one son in hand we moved to a beautiful, small coastal town in Oregon in 1980 where I worked for a new car dealership for 22 years. In that time, I worked my way from body man and painter to body shop manager, service management, finance manager, sales manager, and finally to store general manager and added one more son along the way. What a wonderful place to have lived and worked for so many years. Eventually, our two sons grew up-and move away to find their own lives.

When they left, we decided to start a new journey for us, sold everything (except tools), and moved to Maui, Hawaii- to start our new adventure in 2002. I became injured and had two failed back surgeries. The writing was on the wall- no long hours of work- no heavy lifting- was in my future. Out of boredom, I decided to learn a new hobby. At the Hui here on Maui, I was able to take classes in silversmithing. On my first night they taught sodering. Our teacher came over to me and said “Oh great, an overachiever!” My first project was a slipper, very small and had five sodering points. She thought I was crazy. After I finished right away- she never game me any more crap. Because of my background in metals and welding I realized I had a natural knack for this type of work. (what guy doesn’t like a torch in one hand and a hammer in another?)

The next step was purchasing the equipment necessary to allow myself the opportunity to make these multi-metal designs as therapy. It kept me from going crazy. At first I relied on purchasing finished cabochons and soon realized I would rather make everything from start to finish. So another piece of equipment (a six wheel diamond machine) allowed me to cut and polish natural stones. Where do I purchase stones living here on Maui? Maui is a relatively new volcanic island. Not enough time has passed for large deposits of different types of stones to have been formed. So, when we travel, we check ahead of time for what stones are found in the area we are visiting. We check out rock shops in the area and rock and mineral shows.

We have traveled to the Dominican Republic, Oregon, Ohio and Kentucky and have found some beautiful specimens. Now I can say that the stone is real, not dyed, and all NATURAL BABY! That is my work- all natural- sterling silver and mixed metal designs. ENJOY THE SITE AND LOOK FORWARD TO SEEING MY WORK ON YOU![/one_half]

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About Paula

My artwork is called a “Relief” meaning raised texture. Each composition is unique because of the texture. I start with a ¼” plywood board cut to size, so any size can be accommodated for commission pieces. The medium I use is a ground marble/acrylic resin plaster which gives such a beautiful and durable texture to the background. This is applied with a trowel to the face and sides of the plywood piece. After a day of drying and curing, the art piece is then sanded with a hand-sander which leaves the art soft and smooth but leaves the texture. Then each piece of the selected design is applied one at a time and given time for drying. This process can take several days as each composition may have as many as 20 or more applications troweled on the design.

Once the composition is complete and lightly hand-sanded I am ready to apply acrylic glaze and paint color to the background and keep applying the color until I am satisfied. After a day or so the hand-painting begins on the design in the foreground using acrylic paints. When the art-piece is whole and complete, the finishing step is to apply two coats of polyurethane to protect the art piece from the sun. Finally, a hanger is attached on the back for easy hanging.

This artwork is so light-weight and durable that it can be placed in bathrooms, kitchens, and even outside covered lanai’s. Endless designs are possible – use your imagination. ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE. Our coffee table and end tables are made with the same process and have been used in our home for nine years with no damage- and without the use of coasters. Over the years, I have worked with many clients to design and make special hanging-art pieces and tables for their homes. I LOOK FORWARD TO DESIGNING WITH YOU![/one_half]

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